Leduc Home Sales

February 2024

Average Sale Price Of A Single Family Home In Leduc:  $452,471

Average Days On Market:  35

Number Of Homes Sold:  45

February 2023

Average Sale Price:  $429,667

Average DOM:  55

Number Sold:  26

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Average Sale Price By Community

Black Stone

Average Sale Price:  $513,167

Average DOM:  54

Number Sold::  3


Sale Price:  $460,000

DOM:  13

Number Sold:  1


Average Sale Price:  $377,625

Average DOM:  54

Number Sold:  2

Corinthia Park

Average Sale Price:  $365,000

Average DOM:  66

Number Sold:  2

Deer Valley

Average Sale Price:  $429,413

Average DOM:  15

Number Sold:  4

Lakeside Estates

Average Sale…

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Rust Stains or Water Damage

Make sure to repair and repaint any visible water damage as it can stop a buyer in their tracks or cause major problems during an inspection.

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Room needing to be declutteredPhoto courtesy of ID 145852353 ©Mkopka | Dreamstime.com


Before placing your home on the market, decluttering is one of the simplest ways to have the biggest impact.  First impressions are crucial!

Here are some essential decluttering ideas:

  • Take some pictures off the walls.
  • Leave out only a few knick knacks.
  • Put away most kitchen appliances.
  • Reduce the amount of toys and pet paraphernalia lying around.
  • Put away all the laundry piles!
  • Yes, hide ALL animal heads!!!

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Make sure to fix any leaking or dripping faucets, remove any mineral build up and repair any running toilets.  It's the details which make a difference and can affect a buyer's impression as to how well maintained the home is and consequently, the price you can get for it.  

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Getting ready to sell your home?  Make sure ALL light bulbs are working throughout your home.  Burnt out or missing light bulbs can have a really negative affect on a buyers opinion.  You want them to see your home in the best light possible!

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