Street in Brentwood, Sherwood Park


Schools in Brentwood

Brentwood Elementary

28 Heron Rd.

Brentwood Elementary School

Ecole Pere Kenneth Kearns School

8 Sandpiper Dr.

Ecole Pere Kenneth Kerns Elementary School, Sherwood Park, AB

Recreation Facilities

Brentwood Spray Deck

28 Heron Rd.

Brentwood spray deck, Sherwood Park, AB

Brentwood Tennis Courts

28 Heron Rd.

Brentwood tennis court, Sherwood Park, AB


Brentwood Park

28 Heron Rd.

Wheelchair Accessible Playground, Ball Diamonds, Basketball Court, Football Field,

Soccer Field, Tennis Courts, Outdoor Rink and Spray Deck

Brentwood Park, Sherwood Park, AB

Maywood Park

16A Maywood Rd.

Maywood Park, Sherwood Park, AB

Peacock Park

17 Peacock Dr.

Playground with special needs swing.

Peacock Park, Sherwood Park, AB

Brentwood Elementary Playground

28 Heron Rd.

Brentwood Elementary Playground, Sherwood Park, AB

Ecole Pere Kenneth Kearns Playground

Ball Diamonds, Basketball Court, Soccer Field and Playground

8 Sandpiper Dr.

Ecole Pere Kenneth Kearns Playground, Sherwood Park, AB